Georgia Tax Collection System




Version 1.23.20 - Released March 2024

Factory Reports

This update will include a fun new Revenue Payout Report and some field additions to the Quick Pay, Multi Pay, and Edit Payment screens.


The Revenue Payout Report will break down the disbursements for the selected payee and disbursement date range to show the amounts disbursed to:

Current Year Real Property Tax

Prior Year Real Property Tax

Real Property Penalty and Interest

Timber Tax

Timber Penalty and Interest

Mobile Home Tax

Mobile Home Penalty and Interest

Heavy Duty Equipment Tax

Heavy Duty Equipment Penalty and Interest

Property Tax Breach


To execute the Revenue Payout Report for a particular disbursement period, you must first access the Disbursements Screen through the Accounting Menu. Once you open the Disbursements Screen, you’ll notice the new Rev Payout Button near the bottom right of the screen. Beside the button is an Auto check box. If you check the Auto box when you print the disbursement check the Revenue Payout Report for the selected Payee will run automatically.

Once you have your disbursement period, payee, and check number entered- click Print Checks.